Getting free gems in Clash of Clans

Getting free gems in Clash of Clans
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In this tutorial we are going to show you a new trick that will help you keep growing in the game. This is a widely used unofficial method that can make you get a great amount of gems for free, and these can be used in CoC for PC.

This is a very simple tutorial, but first we will explain what gems are and why we need them.

Clash of Clans PC Free gems

How can you get them? That is what thousands of gamers are wondering, let’s tell them all the truth then. Here in CoC we are going to reveal some ways to get gems for free in a quick way, so we must pay attention to all the steps.

Get away from those youtube videos selling tricks that don’t work. Why? The answer is really simple, our favorite game CoC PC is a game created by Supercell so all the users have the same opportunities and because of that it is very difficult to get free gems

However, there are proven methods and tricks that will help us a lot to get free gems in CoC  and we are going to tell you absolutely everything.


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This is another way of getting unlimited free gems in Clash of Clans. As you will know, every time we break a rock, or things like trees, bushes, etc we get a great deal of gems that will increase the amount on our counter. Many times, we get gems in Clash of Clans PC when we break an object, but it must be taken into account that that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we get gems twice in a row.

But there is no doubt that the biggest amount of free gems in CoC PC is in the achievemnts that sometimes we find behind the objects that we break.

Breaking 5 obstacles: 5 gems

Breaking 50 obstacles: 10 gems

Breaking 500 obstacles: 20 gems



If you complete CoC achievements little by little, as in the previous case, CoC will give us a great number of gems. If we complete the achievements that unfold as for example, giving troops as a gift to our CoC friends will award us several gems.

If we can obtain the 3 stars of the achievement called “friend in need” we will get very happy because our gem counter will get 280 more gems. GREAT!

Now we will show you the ultimate way of getting more gems. Let’s explain a new technique that you will like for sure, but we will need to work hard. On the internet we find gift cards for itunes and google play. How? very simple. Hidden on the net there are apps like AppNana, AppJoy , AppBounty or FeaturedPoints in which we can find gifts which, in many occassions, are free gems for CoC given that we do what they ask: watch adverts, comment apps, follow on twitter, etc. Every time we complete one of these actions we will receive in exchange a series of points exchangeable for gems and that will get to our account and smartphone.

The one I recommend the most is Featured Points, which will allow us to get many points in a short time. Only for registering you will have 50 points! And then we just have to keep getting free points.

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