Clash of Clans for Windows

Clash of Clans for Windows
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    Due to the success of Clash of Clans PC, we are receiving many e-mails asking several things related to BlueStacks,  and with this tutorial we want to help you with its successful download and installation.


The steps to follow are simple but you need to pay attention. It is a very small program which won’t need many resources from your pc to be used successfully.

The following is a detailed list of the requirements that your computer needs to be able to use Bluestacks in a fast way.

– A RAM memory over 1GB is required to avoid slowdown of the apps
– Enough hard-disk space to store the apps that you want to install, for example Clash of Clans PC.
– Up to date graphic card to avoid incompatibility problems
In principle all computers are compatible with this Android emulator.
If your computer has all the requirements you can click the Mega link you will find right below to start the free download Bluestacks.
The Bluestacks download and installation can take a few minutes depending on your pc and your internet connection. Once it has been downloaded we start the installation clicking on the file .exe that there ir in the folder. Just after that a program will open. We click “accept/ ok” and “next” in all the windows until completing the process.
Once Bluestacks installation has been finished, we can start using it opening the direct link that will have been created in our desktop. Now you can download all the apps you want. Our recommendation is obviously to download our favorite game CofC for PC.
It can also be installed on your Smart TV searching the name of the emulator in the apps section. Once you find it you just have to “accept” and start using it.

¿You still don’t know what Clash of Clans pc is?

It is the best strategy game of the moment. You will have to prove that you are the best Clash of Clans builder and create the best village to win each fight. You will be attacked by your enemies and to succeed you will need to create strong defence, awaiting the best moment to launch your attack. It is the moment for you to become a builder and start winning too!
This game is available for mobile devices and you can also use it on your pc downloading Bluestacks 2.0
 What are you waiting for? Join the CofC PC gamers!

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