Clash of clans PC English Version

Clash of clans PC English Version
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After its unprecedented success in Smartphone platforms for Android and Apple, now we are surprised with this amazing non-official versión to play Clash of Clans PC. Yes, that’s right, now you will be able to play on your computer too. For this reason we are very happy that you can get it so easily. Here, in this website, we will give you a step by step guide. Many people have already got it thanks to our tutorial and we hope it is useful for you too.


Besides, we will soon make available the complete guide for this thrilling game  that we are currently working on. The best thing is that you won’t have to pay a single dolar, this method is completely free. To this end, you just have to follow some easy steps and soon you will be playing this great game on your pc.

First of all we want to make it clear that the game will never be available officially, since that is what developers wanted. Even so, there are several ways for you to play CoC in an unofficial way. Keep reading to find out how to get it.

We all know that this game has one of the biggest amounts of followers in the Smartphone world and it was created by the Company Supercell, one of the most important companies in this sector.

Why do we like it so much? Perhaps because in its platform we can play against thousands of people all around the world from our device. We have to remember that to play online against other people you have to create your own town and enjoy the best-known combat and strategy game.

Once more, I take this opportunity to say that Clash of Clans pc is not officially available. The method that we propose here is not official, though it is good for this purpose.

All of us who know this game have wished conquering new towns and cities exploring new territories. Now it is your turn to train your army, get your soldiers ready and fight in the battle.


Clash of Clans PC download

You will be able to play this game following some easy steps that now we are explaining to you, please don’t skip any of the steps so the installation is totally correct avoiding any kind of problems. We do not take responsibility for a bad or incorrect use made of this tutorial.

What is BlueStacks?

Bluestacks is an Android simulator that is installed on our pc and it allows us to use any application in our computer. We will need it in order to play. This enables us to get access to google play and using any app. We need Bluestacks for the game to work on our computer. There are valid versons for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. Choose the most convenient for you.

Now that you know what it is and what it is used for, let’sgo to step number one of our tutorial:

1 – Download the folder CoC. Inside you will find several files. To download click.


2 – Create a folder and unzip the file bluestacksforpc.rar


3 – Open the file ending .exe and wait for its installation. It can take several minutes depending on your PC.


4 – Once the Android simulator has been installed, you can start the download and installation of Clash of Clans PC on simulator  (Mega-link)


5 –From that moment you will have the game available in the section “my apps” of the simulator.

It is an easy method that will not take you more than 15 minutes and from that moment on you will be able to play without any problem.


With this method you will also be able to play many other games like Candy Crush Saga, or Diamod Digger Saga. If by any reason you need to download another simulator you can go to Andyroid, which is very similar and can also be of use for us.

Now, we start explaining the second way to play this game easily and, what is more important, completely free.

Clash of Clans PC online

If by any reason you do not get the previous method to work, here you have another unofficial way to play this game, which is also very quick and simple. We are sure that it will work perfectly, since it is compatible with any device in the market.

The steps are really simple, please we ask you to pay attention and follow the steps one by one carefully. We will use a mobile device as a management interface to use from out computer

1 –  Open the application google play in your mobile device and search “Mobizen”, once you have installed the application on your pone continue with the step number 2.

2 – Create a new account in mobizen.

3- Connect your Smartphone to your computer with a USB cable or MicroUSB.

4 – Log in the official webpage of this application and introduce your user and password.

5 – Now you will see the screen of your Smartphone on your PC.

6 –  Look for the application Clash of clans download.

7 –  Now the game will be available.

Thanks to this method you will be able to play any Android game on your PC Candy Crash Saga, or Diamond Digger Saga and many more in a quick and easy way. Clash-of-Clans-PC-2 Always, before going to the next step make sure that everything has been done correctly. Any doubt referring the tutorial can be sent in a comment at the end of this post, and it will be shortly answered by one of our moderators. If you need the tutorial for another Android game you can ask for it and if we have the tutorial, we will facilitate the link.

We hope that now you can enjoy this war and strategy game anytime, anywhere.

For this method to get to everyone who wants to get to the Clash of Clans download, please share this tutorial in your social networks, Facebook, twitter. It is a small gesture with which you help us keep growing and posting new tutorials.

As usual, we take the opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and for walking with us every day.

If you want to know more about, this is the right place, just stay tuned! Soon we will have a special guide available where you will be able to know all the secrets of this game. There we’ll explain how to level up faster, we’ll reveal secrets about the gems that you don’t know yet. Do you want to know what is the best defence? And the best attack? Our special will be available soon!

Don’t miss it!

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