Strategy game of the year

Strategy game of the year
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We are all crazy about Coc, aren’t we? In the last months more and more people have joined the most famous strategy game of the year. And now we also have play which is even more impressive! So now we have more competence so we need to learn more tricks and strategies to be better than our opponents!

Get free gems

You can get them by removing obstacles in your village. Remember there two kinds of obstacles, rocks and vegetation which you can remove with gold or elixirdownload coc (but be careful with the latter (see number 2). Every obstacle will give you a different amount of gems but on average they will put 2 gems each in your Clash and Clans counter.
Another way of getting gems is getting achievements. You know for example the “Nice and Tidy” which we have already mentioned in this website.
As you’ll remember we have another post devoted to this topic “getting gems”

Get more Elixir while you are offline

Make sure that with your amy camps are full, you queue your barracks with troops so you hide your Elixir. When you come back you just have to get your Elixir back by unqueuing your Barracks. This strategy has another advantage, and it’s that by doing this you will make your downtime shorter between battles. Depending on your level you have to queue your barracks in a different way (we will explain this widely in following posts)
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Get free Elixir

This is a very difficult trick and it only works when you have less than 30 seconds to complete a troop and upgrade the whole army. When you have 30 seconds left you have to click “upgrade” and make sure your army is complete. When this is upgradeded you will get a big amount of Elixir.

By doing this you will be able to get more Elixir and gems and move forward quickly in the game so you can face more powerful rivals. In the future we will explain other tricks and strategies as for example getting gold from your opponents. If you want to know everything just don’t stop checking our website. As usual we suggest you to share this article with your friends and members of your clan.

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